Understanding Stalking Behaviour During Covid-19 Lockdown

Safe Space Consultancy supports Suzy Lamplugh Trust with National Stalking Awareness Week  20-24th April 2020                                        Stalking is behaviour that is fixated, obsessive, unwanted and repeated.  It can affect anyone and has a devastating impact on a … Continue Reading

What Messages are we Passing on to Children Regarding Equality?

When I was invited to give a speech again this year at the Women’s Community Impact Awards to celebrate International Women’s Day 2020 and learned the theme was “I am Generation Equality”and “EachforEqual”, my first thought was, that’s a huge subject, where do I even begin? I felt a bit daunted; I must admit!  But … Continue Reading

Transforming the Response to Domestic Abuse: Consultation & Draft Bill

On Monday 21st January 2019 the Government published the results of the Domestic Abuse Consultation and the proposed legislation for the new Domestic Abuse Bill.  This major overhaul of how we perceive and address domestic abuse will contribute towards holding perpetrators of abuse accountable for their actions and protecting victims of domestic abuse within the … Continue Reading